> your people enjoying a cruise on one of your luxury electric day boats.

> the sun shining over their head,

> the water surrounding them with its delicate fresh smell,

> the soft noise of her bow slicing the cresting waves ...



...Now imagine

> the smell of the exhaust steam, making your premium customer seasick.

> the noise of the engine, making any conversation almost impossible without shouting,

> your bank account when you have to refuel at the end of the day, or pay for expensive maintenance …


What is wrong with that, it has always been like this !

Now it's no more true, and will never again.

Welcome to a new nautical universe, a universe made of centennial naval tradition and ultra-modern technology, a universe of refinement and design, of energy efficiency and safety. A unique and exclusive nautical base equipped with unique day boats and commuters and a roof solar panels charging station, because your people are unique and exclusive too.

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