YOUR 100% electric and connected boat



YOUR 100% electric and connected boat

6 MAIN rEAsons for acquiring a nofuel salt

Our NoFuel SALT has been designed according to high expectations for comfort, power and luxury of a day-boat. The SALT can be integrated in an individual base including the boat, the pontoon and the roof solar panels charging station.

A very elegant and high standard boat

Pure taut lines designed by a naval architect, V-Hull in Marine Birch Plywood and epoxy resin, High-quality Mahogany deck

A very cost-effective boat

100% electric engine, very low maintenance costs, significant economic gain versus a diesel engine

A very innovative day-boat

Remote monitoring, high connectivity with the base, navigation's aids


A very long-lasting boat

Sustainable materials from the hull to the chandlers

A very safe and pleasant boat

Low voltage engine, fully equipped

Be a forward-thinker of the XXIth Century

Sustainable means of transport without having to save on quality and elegance